Ramthakur College is a Government Degree College so all the rules and regulations are governed by the Directorate of Higher Education. However the college frames certain rules and regulations for its smooth functioning.

 Proper and courteous behaviour as part of professional, official decorum should be maintained as a mark of respect to all categories of employees.

 Use of informal and casual forms of address, abusive and slang words is strictly forbidden.

 Shouting, screaming and calling out to one another in loud voices or engaging in loud conversation or discussion while walking down the corridors during class hours is strictly forbidden. There should be complete silence in the Library.

 Use of bins to dispose off garbage and litter.

 Eating inside the Library or any of the classrooms is strictly prohibited.

 College expects each member to be alert and vigilant and to report any misuse, damage or defacement of any item of college property including e-resources and college websites.

 The College expect its entire members to work in a spirit of co-operation and harmony.

 Use of mobile phones in college premises during class hours and exam hours are strictly forbidden.

 Students are not allowed to bring in outsiders (those without formal invitation issued by the College) or to use the college premises and the college property to host parties to celebrate events.

 It is mandatory for the students to carry their identity cards everyday to the college.

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